The book "Qualidade do Lugar e Cultura Contemporânea . controvérsias e ressonâncias em coletivos urbanos" was published as a physical book in 2012 by the organizers Prof. Rosa Pedro and Prof. Paulo Afonso Rheingantz (PROARQ), containing relevant works by several researchers essential to urban research in Brazil.

Recently the digital version was made available by the publisher, for free and unrestricted access. We recommend reading! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

"In addition to being an outstanding sample of the work of excellent researchers on the national scene, and allowing the reader to get in touch with interesting topics related to the quality of the built environment project, becoming an important reference for scholars and those interested in the topic, this book points out directions and perspectives for future work that will be carried out in the coming years".

Paulo Roberto Pereira Andery, School of Engineering at UFMG