PROARQ has been dedicated, throughout this last four-year-CAPES (2017-2020), to implement activities that denote and deepen the Social Impact of the Program with Brazilian and international society, demonstrating the ability of the faculty and student to articulate ideas, promote actions and building solutions to dilemmas involving architecture and urbanism, and various related issues, with society (external public of the Program), always in line with ongoing research.

In addition to the articles and books that have reached different audiences and also demonstrated the scope of the research applied in the Program, it is the events, workshops, ateliers and extension actions that have brought to the EXTRA-MUROS discussion questions related to public policies, urban living , the qualification of communities and groups at risk, the concern with school architecture and childhood, the interest in the environmental and lighting comfort of buildings, the exchange of knowledge and the development of methodologies for the theoretical-practical approach of cities.

2020-21 =========================

PROARQ READING SESSIONS (Action by PROARQ Press and Extension) - Started in Dec / 2020, MEETINGS held remotely, such as READING AND DISCUSSION ROUNTABLES, with live transmission on PROARQ's Youtube (CLICK HERE) bring authors / organizers books produced through Research Networks and also from PROARQ Theses and Dissertations for a colloquial, friendly and socializing language, enhancing the reach of the interested and, often, lay public. The potential for adherence and commitment of those involved evades the limits of academic language and allows the popularization and publication of research in PROARQ. Occurrence: every second Monday of the months.

 2020 ========================

OUR WORLD HERITAGE - This Round Table spread thoughout the whole world, with a compromise of a virtual workshop when presencial times are possible, first took place on Friday, November 27th, 2020. Time: 9 pm (Mozambique and South Africa), 8 pm (Angola), 6 pm (Praia, Cape Verde), 16h (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Occurrence: every other Friday, during 12 months (until 2021).

2019 =========================

BUILDING SPACES TOGETHER - How are we building our cities? Who participates in decisions about the production and management of the city? What are the potentials for landscape transformation? These and other issues were addressed in CHALLENGES OF LOCAL PROJECTS: BUILDING SPACES TOGETHER, an event that seeks to discuss contemporary city production in conditions of inequality, fragility and conflict. The objective was to collectively develop a participatory urban intervention project through collaborations and co-productions with researchers, professionals, government representatives, community representatives and other civil society bodies in the Manguinhos neighborhood, in addition to children and local residents, in the area north of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Occurrence: October 15-25, 2019.

RESSENSIBILIZANDO CIDADES. RESENSITINZING CITIES - This was an event / workshop that integrated the preparatory agenda for the world congress of architects (UIA 2021 RIO), promoted by LASC / Proarq / UFRJ, together with the Extension Course “Thinking ambiances for subjectivity - V edition ”. The event aimed to investigate the practice of urban daily life and the study of rhythms of life intertwined with the daily lives of cities, on a small scale. Through looking at the senses that influence the uses and appropriations in the urban environment, it was intended to deepen the thinking on strategies for articulation between urban living and affectivity in large metropolises, by means of academic, artistic and practitioners in the city center. from RJ. Occurrence: October 2nd to 5th, 2019.