PROARQ Publications


CADERNOS PROARQ is published by the Graduate Program in Architecture at UFRJ.

Last Qualis / Capes Ranking (2021): A4

ISSN: 2675-0392 (online)  //  ISSN: 1679-7604 (impresso)

The Journal, throughout its years of existence (since 1997), has been following the changes that, in its own field of activity, have been responsible not only for the consolidation of scientific research in architecture, but also for the maturation of editorial proposals. It regularly publishes a biannual magazine, with high quality articles in which articles from different sources compete, subject to the scrutiny of a competent body of reviewers who work in blind evaluation and available to everyone who has access to the internet.

As a democratic vehicle for the exchange and dissemination of academic research, CADERNOS PROARQ is open to submissions of national and foreign articles in Portuguese, English or Spanish, ALL ORIGINAL and which make a real contribution to the construction of knowledge in Architecture and Urbanism. Exceptionally, articles in related areas may be accepted, as long as they contribute, even if transversally, to the enrichment of discussions regarding the production of knowledge in our field.


Editorial Committee

Ethel Pinheiro Santana (chief editor)
Aline Calazans Marques (co-editor)

Editorial Board:

Vera Regina Tângari
Rubens de Andrade

Executive Coordination:

Maria Julia de Oliveira Santos (executive coordination)
Barbara Thomaz (Dr. Proarq) e Leonardo Muniz (Doctoral student Proarq), Carolina Ferreira de Carvalho e Luiza Farias de Melo (Master students Proarq)


Ceça Guimaraens, UFRJ

Cristiane Rose Duarte, UFRJ

Evelyn Furquim Werneck Lima, UNIRIO

Gabriela Celani, Unicamp

Jean-Paul Thibaud, ENSAG

José Manuel Pinto Duarte, PennState University

Julio Arroyo, Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Leopoldo Bastos, UFRJ

Marta Adriana Bustos Romero, UnB

Raquel Rolnik, USP