In 2017, after the 2013-2016 four-year evaluation, the Postgraduate Program in Architecture obtained the 6 CAPES concept, the highest level reached among the academic Master and Doctoral Programs in the area of Architecture and Urbanism at that moment, now appearing as PROGRAM OF EXCELLENCE, title that only programs with concept 6 and 7 hold.

In 2022, with the result of the 2017-2020 quadrennial, Proarq maintained its 6 CAPES concept, reiterating the excellence of its performance.

This victory, the result of a lot of research and quality teaching work by the entire PROARQ faculty, students and technicians, makes us very proud!

CLICK HERE   to download the CAPES Report with achieved Concept 6 in 2017

CLICK HERE to download the CAPES Report with the recommendation of concept 6 in 2020