Interinstitutional PhD Program - DINTER

Academic Structure

The Interinstitutional Doctorate is a Solidarity action that PROARQ has been practicing for many years, first with the first MINTER Master class in 2005 - with UFPA, then in 2009 with MINTER developed with UEMA - Universidade Estadual do Maranhão and in 2016 PROARQ celebrated DINTER Fronteira Sul with UFFs, which ended in 2020. At this moment, PROARQ develops the DINTER TNF (Interinstitutional Doctorate with the Triple North Frontier of the country), promoted by the link between the UFRR (Federal University of Roraima) and the Architecture and Urbanism Course of this institution. This action which will be developed between 2021-2025.

Areas of Concentration:

     Quality, Environment and Landscape

     Heritage, Theory and Criticism of Architecture

Coordination PROARQ-DINTER Triple North Frontier (2021-2025):

Prof. Dr. Marcos Silvoso,

Prof. Dr. Aline Calazans,

Prof. Dr. Rubens de Andrade,

Coordination CAU/UFRR-DINTER Triple North Frontier (2021-2025):

Prof. Dr. Graciete Guerra da Costa,

Profa. Dra. Aretuza Karla Araújo Rocha,


The DINTER (CAPES Interinstitutional Doctorate) carried out with the South Frontier of the country by PROARQ (2016-2020) was a solidarity action of the Postgraduate Program in Architecture for the training of doctors at UFFES - UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DA FRONTEIRA SUL.

Coordination PROARQ-DINTER South Frontier (2016-2020):

Prof.  Dr. Ana Albano Amora,

Prof. Dr. Marcos Silvoso,